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Below you can find all the packages and products I offer.

Full Shoots

For all "Full Shoot" packages you will have approximately 10-15 images to choose from at your gallery viewing. You will, of course, have the option to buy additional prints or canvas artworks - with or without frames.

Starter Package

Up to 3 pets from the same household

One hour of photography

Includes a £30 credit to put towards prints or canvasses


Silver Package

Up to 3 pets from the same household

One hour of studio photography

One large 20in x 20in canvas

Five 10in x 10in prints

Social media digitals of all printed choices

£295 (+£135 supplement for framed canvas)

Gold Package

Up to 3 pets from the same household

One hour of studio photography

One extra large 30in x 30in canvas

Five 12in x 12in prints

Social media digitals of all printed choices

£399 (+£200 supplement for framed canvas)

Small furries/feathered friends

A studio session for your guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, tortoise, chicken, snake, bird!


Limited Offer - The Bestie Shoot

Who is your dog’s bestie? Which of the pooches that your dog meets in its daily life get its tail wagging in frenzied circles? Which dog do they spot at the other side of a field and make a beeline for, as if it’s a slow-mo movie moment and they can hear the Chariots of Fire soundtrack in their head?

Here at Cotswold Pet Photography, I think these doggy friendships should be cherished and celebrated, so I am running a promotion for all the four-legged best friends out there! Team up with the mum or dad of your dog’s bestie and get a 90-minute photo shoot with BOTH dogs, a 8 x 6 print each and a social media image each for just £240 (£120 each), plus the option to purchase further artworks at your gallery viewing which can also be done together!


Village Friends!

If you are inspired to book a photoshoot for your dog and their friends, simply find a suitable venue in your local village (local to Chipping Norton) and contact me to book a date!

Invite 6 - 8 of your friends to bring their dog along.

Each dog will get a 15 minute mini-shoot of head shots on the grey background shown here and an 8 x 6 print for £40!

As party organiser, your dog will get their mini photoshoot and print for FREE!

40 each minimum of 6 friends

Children and their Pets

Bring the joy of your children's bond with their pets to life with my exclusive photoshoot package.

What's included:-

Up to three children and three pets

A 90 minute studio session

£50 credit to spend on stunning artwork

An extended shoot where we will have lots of fun in my large, very relaxed studio! I will create beautiful portraits of your children with their pets, as well as individual portraits of your pets by themselves creating timeless memories that you and your family will treasure.


Mini Shoots

MINI SHOOT PACKAGES ALL £89 EACH All mini shoots include 20 minutes of photography, one 8 x 8 print and one phone/social media image. For all mini shoot packages, you will have approximately 8-10 images to choose from at your post-shoot gallery viewing.

Puppy Perfection

Capture the almost unbearable cuteness of early puppyhood with a Puppy Perfection Mini Shoot. The shorter session is perfect for puppy attention spans and will provide you with images that will recall your dog's puppyhood long after they have matured and grown into their paws!


Golden Oldie

Perfect for dogs aged 12 years and over, this mini shoot is designed for canine veterans who do not have the energy or the patience for a full-length photo shoot but would enjoy opportunity to come into the studio for 20 minutes, have a few tasty morsels and show me and my camera that they've most definitely still got it.


Rainbow Road

Those last few days or weeks we spend with a pet that has a terminal diagnosis are so emotional and it’s hard to know how best to spend your remaining time together. It may not seem the most natural time to go to a photography studio with them, but it can be quite a therapeutic activity.

My 20-minute rainbow road sessions are about celebrating all the good times you have shared together and capturing some wonderful photographs of your pets unique character. These images honour the love and important role they have played in your life and will provide and enduring memorial after they have gone. To talk through your situation and to learn more about a Rainbow Road session, please message me


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