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Photographing your dog and treats!

May 3, 2024

Capturing the perfect pet portrait isn't just about clicking the shutter button - its about building a connection! At CPP I know very well the importance of using rewards to make your dogs feel comfortable and motivated during their photoshoots with me! Here are some treat tips for taking your own photos of your dog at home! In my studio, I have a variety of treats ready to go - different sizes, smells and levels of rewards to match each pets preferences. From tiny morsels to the coveted gold star, I tailor the rewards to celebrate their wins in front of my camera! TOP TIP! I don't always reward every single time, I mix it up! Sometimes its a big treat, multiple treats one after another, sometimes it's a chest rub and lots of praise in between treats. Treats I use in the studio usually comprise of smelly fish treats, liver, chicken, fresh chicken, cheese (always a winner!), peanut butter and soft cheese! This keeps my model engaged and focused and always eager to please! I keep my treats close to hand, so I have a bait bag but you could use just your pocket, the important thing is that you can access them quickly to mark the right behaviour! So next time you see these adorable pet portraits on my feed, know that behind every shot is a lot of love, patience and plenty of treats! Why not try it for yourself!

Dog hydrate

Dogs and Hot Days

Jul 6, 2023

As Spring approaches and the days become warmer, it’s essential for us, as caring dog owners, to be attentive to the needs of our beloved four-legged companions. Dogs, much like humans, can experience discomfort and even serious health risks during hot days. It is our responsibility to ensure their well-being by prioritizing their hydration, providing ample shade, and never leaving them unattended in cars.

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